Edwin Lai

Growing up, I was always a huge techie, but I never had to touch anything more involved than scripts to solve my computer problems before college. The first time I ran into coding was during a distribution requirement for my major, applied mathematics, while attending UCLA. During that class, I found that coding came very naturally to me.

After graduation, because of industry trends, I decided to pivot to web development. I enrolled in App Academy to expedite this transition, and now I've built a full-stack web app, a JavaScript game, and a Ruby ORM.


Stellaris Species Generator | Github

Utility for Creating Stellaris Species


    • - Over 10,000 users in 5 days!
      - All known traits, ethos, and government forms available at species creation are selectable.
      - Tells users what trait, ethos, and government combinations are allowed on the fly.
      - Summary page collates species information in an aesthetically pleasing format.

  • Helping Hand | Github

    Personal Fundraising Site Inspired by GoFundMe


    • - High-performance single page web app powered by React and Flux.
      - JavaScript search utility automatically filters results based on changes in user input.
      - Uses Ruby on Rails custom routes to respond to AJAX requests not covered by RESTful routes.

  • RainbowRoad | Github

    JavaScript Browser Game Influenced by Candyland


    • - Animations used to move pieces and communicate gameplay instructions to players.
      - Implements computer players that are equally competent compared to human players.

  • ModelMapper | Github

    Lightweight ORM Framework Based on ActiveRecord


    • - Replicates the most commonly used features of ActiveRecord without excess baggage.
      - Modules and inheritance keep code maintainable and DRY.