Flight + hotel packages at crazy cheap rates to surprise destinations.

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About Us

WANDR is a booking platform for discounted, curated getaways to amazing places.

How do we get such great deals? We send you to a surprise destination!

But don't worry — you're not going in blind.

You'll get a comprehensive and personalized guide, tailored to your interests.

We did the research for you so your trip can be fun and stress-free.


Maybe you're on a budget...

Maybe you just don't have time to plan a trip...

Maybe you don't know your schedule...

Or maybe...

You're the physical embodiment of YOLO!

Either way, we've got you covered. (Later FOMO ✌)

How it Works

1When & Where

Select your dates and departure city.

2Add Your Crew

Take your S.O. on a romantic getaway, or grab some friends for an adventure.


We’ll give you a curated list of 10 possible destinations.


Veto up to two cities you’re not interested in for free and then book!

5Be Surprised

48 hours before your day of departure, your destination and booking info will be revealed (including accommodations at a ★★★★+ hotel).


No time to research? We’ll send you a personalized WANDR guide to help you plug-in to the local culture!

Ready to go on a foodie adventure

Ready to WANDR?

We’re out negotiating our airline and hotel partnerships to deliver you the best prices!

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